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Healing Natural Self

Send Knowledge to Future Generations

Scribe of the Gods - Tahuti (Thoth)

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Carved on Stone
Scribe of the Gods Tahuti (Thoth) says Send Knowledge to Future Generations by learning everything and then putting that into stone.

Thoth as Hermes in ancient Greece complied the Hermetic Text referred to him as Kore Kosmu. What he knew, he carved on stone [mataphor of physical plane] then hid most of the information. The sacred symbols of the cosmic elements he hid away using the secrets of Osiris, keeping and maintaining silence, that younger ages of the cosmic time clock might seek them out. Thoth was said to have succeeded in understanding the mysteries of the heavens and to have revealed them by inscribing them in sacred books which he then hid here on Earth, intending that they should be searched for by future generations but found by those of the bloodline.

Some of these sacred books are referred to as the 42 Books of Instructions or the 42 Books of Thoth which describe the instructions for achieving immortality plus 2 more books kept separately. The dating of the books is somewhere between the third century BC and the first century AD. Their influence has been tremendous on the development of Western occultism and magic. Neo-pagan witchcraft contains many rituals and much esoteric symbolism based upon Hermetic writings.

According to one legend Hermes Trismegistus, who was a grandson of Adam and a builder of the Egyptian pyramids, authored the books. But, more probably the books were written by several succeeding persons. According to legend, the books were initially written on papyrus.

A chronicler of pagan lore, Clement of Alexandria, stated thirty-six [36] of the Hermetic books contained the entire Egyptian philosophy; four [4] books on astrology; ten [10] books called the Hieratic on law, ten [10] books on sacred rites and observances, two [2] on music, and the rest on writing, cosmography, geography, mathematics and measures and training of priests. Six [6] remaining books concerned medicine and the body discussing diseases, instruments, the eyes and women. Most of the Hermetic books - along with others - were lost during the burning of the royal libraries in Alexandria. The surviving books were secretly buried in the desert where they are presently located. A few initiates of the mystery schools, ancient secret cults, allegedly know their location. What remains of the surviving Hermetic lore has been passed down through generation and published in many languages.

Most important of all are three works.

* The most important and oldest is The Divine Pynander. It consists on 17 fragments all in one work. Within these fragments are many of the Hermetic concepts, including the was divine wisdom and the secrets of the universe were revealed to Hermes and the way in which Hermes established his ministry to spread this wisdom throughout the world. The Divine Pynander apparently was revised during the first centuries AD but lost none of its meaning due to incorrect translations.

* Poimmandres or The Vision is the second book of The Divine Pynander and perhaps the most famous. It relates Hermes' mystical vision, cosmogony, and the secret sciences of the Egyptians as to culture and the spiritual development of the soul.

* The third work - Hermes Trismegistus is the wisdom of the Hermetica - the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. It's all about alchemy, time and consciousness.

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Scribe of the Gods
Tahuti (Thoth)
Creation:According to legend, Tahuti (Thoth) was the scribe of the gods, invented language, and was lord of all Magic.
Abilities:Tahuti (Thoth) Scribe of the Gods keeps records of the way the universe works and helps humanity learn and master the laws of all life.
More Info:Tahuti (Thoth) Scribe of the Gods, He was also the deity who weighed the heart of the deceased against the feather of Maat. He assumed the throne of Horus when Horus resigned earthly power.

Get free advice from Tahuti (Thoth) - Scribe of the Gods. Then choose to do what you believe is best.

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