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Healing Natural Self

Use Creativity

Goddess of Heroism - HetHeru

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Be Creative
Master of Imagination - HetHeru Teaching about the value of being creative.

If you have a non-profit or any vision/mission. You don’t need a lot of money but you do need to be creative to make your dream come to life. First know what you want to create then you can get items from thrift stores, junk yard, trash dumpsters and anything. Then visualize what you can do with it and put it all together. Using this method, you can produce results that look amazing.

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Goddess of Heroism
Creation:Het Heru has its seat in the gonads. Its Kamitic name is an indication of this fact. Het Heru literally means "house" (het) of Heru. Heru corresponds to those "solar" metabolic phase factors responsible for the virilization and masculinization of the adult male of the species. I.e., the metaphysical forces behind the production of androgen. In the Yoruba traditions, Heru is Shango, the patron of kings, who wears pants with exaggerated crotches to show that he "out-mans" all other men. With Het Heru, the emphasis is not on the hot gonadal expression of Heru, but on the cool, peaceful, joyous, refined charming, sexual arousal and seductive behavior that stimulates the production of estrogen and the female reproductive system.
Abilities:Goddess of Heroism, HetHeru is motivated to empower herself so she can help others. With help from higher gods & goddesses HetHeru can help and save many lives.
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Get free advice from HetHeru - Goddess of Heroism. Then choose to do what you believe is best.

Heaven Use Creativity
Be Creative

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